Local Cherry Picker Hire can provide domestic and small business properties with a cherry picker with a  fully trained operative, to enable you to complete that difficult hard to reach job. We are fully licensed business with over 20 years experience, and we pride ourselves on the services we offer. Roofing, Gutters, or Tree Surgery….We’ll give you the lift you need to complete the task.

No Need For Ladders or Scaffolding

Local Cherry Picker Hire use a comprehensive gutter cleaning and surveying system. We can access even difficult to reach areas of your roof-line from the ground. Our gutter vacuum can easily remove the debris from even the most stubbornly blocked gutters up to a height of 14 meters, ideal for all but the tallest commercial buildings. Impacted organic waste, washed down from the roof over time, even rooted plants.


We have been in the cherry picker business for over 20 yrs. we have seen the business grow, and as our business has grown we have seen the industry develop. We have been keen advocates for many of the new initiatives brought into the industry by the government as here at Local Cherry Picker Hire we could see that there was a problem with rogue operators in the field. That’s why when you see our operatives you can ask for their IPAF certification which is the governing body for the industry. You will also notice that our operatives will consider the location as a safety concern before they even begin to throw out their jacks. They also wear top of the range harnesses for their work, this full restraint kit is specifically designed for cherry picker hire and here at Local Cherry Picker Hire we live the day in full confidence that every operative will have a safe working day on cherry picker hire, and return home from cherry picker hire to their families.